Tara Reid Claims She Wasn’t Kicked Off A Flight, She Left After They Wouldn’t Let Her Sit With Her Dog

Get the Full StoryYesterday, TMZ reported that Tara Reid was kicked off of a Delta Airlines flight for acting like an entitled twat. Those reports are NOT TRUE, says Tara Reid! Despite the testimony of several eyewitnesses, and video evidence of the event, Tara claimed in an Extra interview followed up with a lengthy Instagram message to whom it may concern , that she decided to pack up her little dog and bounce of her accord because they wouldn t let Beso Reid, who is a registered emotional support dog, sit next to her on the flight. Tara also claimed that a flight attendant suggested she put Beso Reid in an overhead bin, like Kokito Robledo RIP , the Frenchie who died after being put in an overhead bin. She then busted out a mouth harp and gave a stirring rendition of The Coasters 1959 hit Charlie Brown . Fee fee, fye fye, fo fo, fum, I smell smoke in the auditorium

According to People Magazine, Tara had the following to say in her defense.

The Sharknado actress, 42, spoke to Extra after a video obtained by TMZ showed her being asked to disembark the plane before takeoff.

They wouldn t let the dog sit next to me, so I wasn t going to stay on the plane, she told the outlet.

She added, Of course everyone made a big deal about it, but I m kind of used to that in my life. They always kind of pick on me.

Jeez, next to Melania Trump, Tara Reid is probably the most bullied person in America. And just like Melania, Tara is the victim of the fake news media. Here s Tara s official statement regarding news reporting that she posted on Instagram.

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Here s my official statement regarding news reporting.

A post shared by Tara Reid tarareid on Oct 17, 2018 at 12:36am PDT

Oh, I see. She didn t actually say it was because she thought she had a window seat and didn t like the person in front of her reclining! Well, that explains it. There is somebody out there pretending to represent Tara Reid and lying to the press! What a weird career choice, but I respect it.

P.S. The big brother in the middle is giving me so much life in this video, I could animate a corps with the leftovers. And that dance break, my lord!

Pic: Wenn.com