Piers Morgan Took A Pie To The Face Over His “Papoose” Comments

Get the Full StoryOn Sunday, Piers Morgan came for Daniel Craig for wearing his six-week-old daughter in a baby carrier or “papoose” as they say in the UK . Obviously a whole lot of people have had a problem with Piers’ stance on the matter, and they’ve called him out justly. But sometimes simply calling out a troll on Twitter isn’t enough, and that’s when Piers received some real-life comeuppance for his stupid opinions by way of a cream-filled pie to the face on live television.

Piers still hasn’t taken down the original tweet that started it all, which tells me he still thinks it’s a hot take on parenting.

Oh 007.. not you as well?!!! #papoose #emasculatedBond pic.twitter.com cqWiCRCFt3

— Piers Morgan piersmorgan October 15, 2018

It didn’t take long before people like Chris Evans, aka Captain America, called Piers out for having masculinity more fragile than a Faberg egg. Piers, meanwhile, remained smug for a good two days on Twitter. Which makes this pie part extra-satisfying.

According to the Huffington Post, Piers and his co-host Susanna Reid were joined on Good Morning Britain this morning by British comedian Harry Hill, who was there to promote his new kids show, Harry Hill Kidz Show How to be Funny for Kids . While on GMB, Harry taught Piers and Susanna how to make a cream pie gag always a classic , which quickly turned into Harry giving a quick little class in How to be Less Obnoxious for Adults by taking his cream pie and shoving it in Piers’ face. As he covered Piers’ face in white cream, he said: “This pie is for all those men who wear papooses.”

Harry Hill has a parting thought for Piers on the papoose debate. See you soon piersmorgan HarryHill susannareid100 pic.twitter.com HuZcPVHNER

— Good Morning Britain GMB October 17, 2018

Piers laughed the whole thing off and threw his pie at Susanna, while saving a handful of pie-shrapnel for Harry . And I really believe Piers was enjoying it, because he’s a level-10 troll who gets off on firing people up. With that being said, all his online trolling just won’t fill the same sadistic asshole hole it once did; Piers has learned that physical retribution is way more satisfying than merely getting yelled at in Twitter mentions. And I’ll admit it, normally I’m not a fan of violence of any kind, but a pie-covered Piers is one that has never looked better. Really, having about 90 of his face covered is a look he should lean into.

Pic: Good Morning Britain via Twitter