Stocking Stuffers That ll Keep 4-Year-Olds Busy All Christmas Morning

Get the Full StoryA 4-year-old on Christmas morning could either play it totally cool and unwrap their gifts excitedly, playing with each one for a bit, or could rip through everything, not really paying attention and then losing interest right after it happens . Of course they'll play with everything eventually, but instead of being intricate with your toy gifting or everything needing to be put together, we're going full-on stocking stuffer mode for our toddlers - aka small gifts that will keep them busy all morning long, with little-to-no assembly required. That way we can sip some coffee and maybe open a few gifts of our own.

Ahead, check out the 17 coolest stocking stuffer gifts for 4-year-olds and if you're on a budget, here are a few of the cheap gifts we're getting our 4-year-olds this year .


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