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Get the Full StoryBesides the flaming mess that is the current political climate, DNA testing is a huge thing in the news right now. If you've checked social media at all recently, you've more than likely seen something about it.

We're not sure if that has anything to do with Amazon putting AncestryDNA test kits on sale for 30 off, but hey — we'll take it.

Elizabeth Warren is usually making headlines for calling out Donald Trump — but this time, it's her recently released DNA test results that have people talking. In fact, the test itself was meant to be a clapback at TrumpAccording to Rolling Stone, "At a rally in July, the president bet a million dollars that Warren wouldn’t submit to DNA testing — and if she did, it would not validate her claims of Native ancestry." Read more...More about Dna Test, Mashable Shopping, Shopping Amazon, Shopping Solo, and Ancestrydna Kits