Tom Sizemore Got Arrested Again

Get the Full StoryGargantuan mess Tom Sizemore was once again shown a jail cell by the LAPD, according to TMZ. It was for drug possession which isn t a surprising season-ending game-changer, because he s been arrested for that multiple times in the past. Take cold comfort in knowing it was related to his ongoing battles with substance abuse and not for thinking it was a good idea to get naked in a skin flick. Or for tuning up on a girlfriend with his greasy fists. Or for allegedly molesting an 11-year-old on a movie set. Basically, Tom Sizemore s life is one that makes even Satan himself cringe and wish for amnesia.

Tom and a male passenger were pulled over in his Mercedes E350 on January 5. The police report says that the car was missing a front plate, as well as having expired registration tags. When the cops searched the car, they found drugs they believed were meth and heroin. Egads.

Luckily for Sizemore seriously, in Tom s world, this is probably what passes for luckily , there weren t enough hard drugs in his ride to make it a major bust. Tom and his passenger were arrested for misdemeanor possession, and they both posted bail and were released later that day. The Los Angeles City Attorney s office is reviewing the case. There s been no statement from Tom s side. Can you imagine that unholy place?

Aside from the drug arrests, he s been found guilty twice in 2003 against ex-girlfriend Heidi Fleiss and in 2017 against his then-girlfriend of domestic assault. And he was accused of molesting the 11-year-old girl who was playing his daughter in Natural Born Killers during filming in 2003. Tom had been kicked off the set back then, and a criminal complaint was filed. However, the Salt Lake County prosecutor s office didn t pursue the case due to witness and evidence problems. So he was allowed back on to finish filming his part.

The now 26-year-old actress filed a 3 million lawsuit against Tom in May of last year for longstanding emotional problems stemming from the alleged abuse. Tom s publicist denied the abuse after the suit was filed, stating that the person hired to supervise the child actors on the set of NBK found nothing amiss.

Radar reports that Tom showed up in court and tried to get the suit thrown out in October of last year, because, get this, he wasn t home at the time the complaint was delivered.

He added that he was not at home at the time he was allegedly served with the summons on July 6, 2018, until after dark.

The actor added that he learned of the complaint when he found it on the floor of his garage the next day.

While Sizemore doesn t deny any wrong doing in the filing, he says that because he found the summons on the floor, Rule 4 does not authorize service by leaving a copy of the summons and complaint on the floor of a party s garage, and therefore he requests the case be dismissed.

Please note the didn t deny any wrongdoing bit. And I m not denying I need to take an acid bath and then maybe actually set foot in a church of my own volition to pray because writing about him has rendered my soul grimy.