Kendall Jenner and Princess Diana Wore Virtually the Same Outfit 30 Years Apart

Get the Full StoryIt takes an effortlessly cool chick to pull off track pants and knee-high cowboy boots. That's why I wasn't at all surprised when I shared Kendall Jenner's look with Fashion Director Hannah McKinley, giddy with excitement about it, and she said, "I feel like it's very Diana." That's how we refer to Princess Diana around here, FYI.

"YES!" I thought, wildly fired up as I searched for this iconic image of the late royal from 1989, dropping her sons off at Wetherby School. BTW, what mom pulls this outfit off successfully in the drop-off line outside her vehicle? If I was wearing this combination, I think most people would assume I had just finished shoveling an entire box of dry cereal in my mouth. Also, obviously, there would be crumbs on my white sweats.

And really, leave it to Kendall to re-create Diana's magic perhaps unknowingly 30 years later with Adidas slacks and a hunter crewneck, when cowboy boots are as ordinary as sneakers and Princess Diana's '80s influence is palpable on virtually every runway. We aren't even mad at Kendall for forgetting the blazer and baseball cap; we just hope she realizes she was channeling the most stylish British royal in all the land when she stepped into that LA sunlight.


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