A New Product That Puts Budge-Proof Cake Liner in Pencil Form

Get the Full StoryCake liner is known for packing major payoff in the color department, and similar to when I want Taco Bell after a night out, it doesn't budge either. It's a product that's beloved by professional makeup artists and was used in the early days of cinema as a mascara, too: activated with water, it typically comes in a pan or compact, and similar to watercolor paint, you apply it with a wet eyeliner brush. It glides on the eye and dries quickly. There's little to dislike about it, minus that it can be difficult to apply - you need a steady hand and a lot of practice.

Kat Von D is known for her long-lasting, razor-sharp liquid liners, but now her eponymous brand is venturing into the pencil liner realm - with a twist. Introducing Cake Liner Pencil 19 , KVD Beauty's take on cake. The pencil glides on the eye as effortlessly as her Tattoo Liquid Liners do on the eye and the Everlasting Lip Liner does on the lips, but it's a bit thicker; there's less creaminess and movement. Having tested it, it stays put beautifully on the waterline and does not transfer.

It comes in three shades - Trooper Black, White Out, and Mad Max Brown - and like all of the brand's products, it's vegan and cruelty-free. Keep reading to see the color payoff of each.