Open Post: Hosted By The Cover For Madonna s New Single

Get the Full StoryIt was just the other day that Madonna revealed to us that she has a new album coming out called Madame X. The concept album surrounding the character she created known as Madame X has the gays wondering just what we re going to get from this new persona Madonna is introducing us to. Whatever it is, I m sure it will be unnecessarily slutty. Well we won t have to wait for long to find out, as she announced on Instagram that her new single Medellin featuring Maluma will be out on Wednesday.

Madge let everyone know on Instagram that the first single from her new album is coming out on Wednesday.

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April17, 2019 . maluma

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The song features Colombian recording artist Maluma who s song Coraz n you ve probably heard at some white girl s Salsa Night and has been viewed on YouTube over a billion times. So I guess on top of being a cha-cha dancer, professor, head of state, housekeeper, equestrian, prisoner, student, teacher, nun, cabaret singer, saint and a prostitute, Madame X is also a lover of Spanish music.

Judging by the single cover, I m going to guess that this song will be about how Madame X is actually the owner of the brothel Lamar Odom used to go to and now she has a new victim in the form of sexy-Colombian, Maluma. Obviously Madame X is the roughest prostitute in the world, because sis has a full on dedazzled eye-patch. That means she is lacking one eye and is cool with drawing attention to it. Girl, how d you lose an eye? Fight with another hooker over payment? A John get too rough and you had to kill him? Or maybe it wasn t even from the prostitution? Maybe while working as a teacher a kid poked Madame X s eye out with a ruler? Or maybe she was in a terrible cha-cha accident? What s your story, Madame X? Truly Madonna knows how to weave a complex tale!

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