What tech to buy and avoid on Amazon Prime Day

Get the Full StoryAmazon Prime Day 2019 is coming! For Amazon's fifth annual summer sale, Prime Day is two entire days instead of one.

The shopping event can be worth it if you score big discounts on pricey products. But the problem I've noticed is that there are too many products to keep track of. It's tempting to just "add to cart" simply because something seems like a steal.

My friend, I can't stop you from buying useless things like a 55-gallon of lube, but let me help you cut through some of the noise. Specifically for tech.

Come July 15 at 3 a.m. ET 12 a.m. PT , Amazon's website will bombard everyone with deals, deals, deals. You're gonna see a lot of crap trust me, it's gonna be more than you can handle but you gotta stay calm. Follow my advice and you won't end up buying crap you'll regret. Read more...More about Gadgets, Amazon, Amazon Prime Day, Prime Day 2019, and Tech