Tyra Banks Saved A Street Photo Shoot That Was Going In The Wrong Direction

Get the Full StoryModels and photographers beware! You could be minding your own business, doing a photo shoot, when BAM, out of nowhere comes Tyra Banks to show you that she can do it better!

Over the weekend, Tyra was at BeautyCon LA when she noticed a woman and her friend taking pictures. Tyra was not pleased with what she saw. The angles were all off, the lighting was so wonky, and the smizing? Not nearly enough. Not only that, but how could the photo shoot be great if The Great Tyra was not involved? So being the saint that she is, Tyra interrupted the curbside shoot between YouTuber Tatyana Ali no, not that Tatyana Ali and a photographer. Tatyana posted the experience to her Instagram page, also asking Tyra to really help a sister out and sign her:

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IM SORRY BUT IM NOT DONE. Soo today THEEE TYRA BANKS got out of her car to take photos of me. BASICALLY this is most iconic moment in my life . Quick question though Tyra, can you just sign me ? Photo credits: tyrabanks

A post shared by Tatyana Ali tatyanaalii_ on Aug 11, 2019 at 9:40pm PDT

Tyra also posted about the experience to her own Instagram, suggesting that you never know where she might pop up next:

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When you go to beautycon and you re in your car leaving but you see a photo shoot happening that is kind of going in the wrong direction. What else do you do but put on your Super Model Hero cape, jump out of the car, grab the camera from the photographer and start clicking. Maybe one day I ll jump out of the car to capture YOU. #TyraTaughtMe By the way, after five minutes of a quick lesson, the young photographer took some amazing photos of this sweet orange-eyed beauty. This pic is mine, but the framing of his shots became really good! Check her page for the photos between the motor home vans! tatyanaalii_

A post shared by Tyra Banks tyrabanks on Aug 13, 2019 at 7:53am PDT

Of course Saint Tyra, Savior Of Shitty Fashion Photography definitely hit some people s nerves with her self-congratulatory emphasis. Particularly how she basically says Tatyana s friend is a trash bucket who can t take good pictures of her. People on Twitter were quick to roast her:

Tyra Banks is the epitome of delusional https: t.co ZX0DSjEhLB

Chavi ChaviStHill August 13, 2019

MOTOR HOME VANS pic.twitter.com IelEjYk7TD

EARRING DEALER thejusmekamil August 13, 2019

I thought she would go on & on about how the model reminded her of herself but this time she chose to disrespect TF out of the photographer. Full of surprises

EARRING DEALER thejusmekamil August 13, 2019

Y all Tyra s photo is straight up garbage. SIS WHAT DID YOU TEACH. QUICKLY. EXPLAIN. pic.twitter.com B0KeSbdcp5

Mike Lopez Studios StudiosLopez August 14, 2019

Tyra had every right to shit on that picture-taking friend. Not only did she invent modeling in the year 1996, but she also invented cameras and eyeballs. Besides, the best Tyra moments are when she s roasting people or is pretending to die or have rabies so I ll take it. Although, I m more alarmed that Tyra Banks doesn t seem to know what an 18-wheeler is.

Pic: Wenn.com