12 Snacks That Are So Good, You Might Just Steal Them From Your Kids

Get the Full StoryWhether you have children of your own or you spend time caring for them, you know that having snacks on hand is a nonnegotiable. When kids get hungry, the day is practically over until you can find them an option, and honestly, we can relate. If we're going about our day, we like to be prepared with a bunch of yummy and healthy snacks on hand. Sometimes, we have snacks ready for our kids, and we end up eating them ourselves. Whether you've got an incredibly picky eater or someone who will try anything, they're going to love these 12 options almost as much as you do.

Looking to fill up your child's lunch box? Want to have a few snacks on hand that even the most discerning palettes will appreciate? Well, you need fruit snacks, yummy protein bars, juice boxes, and, of course, cheesy crackers. Because is it really snack time without cheesy crackers? We think not.


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