Kourtney Kardashian Broke With Family Protocol And Took A Photo With Visible Stretch Marks

Get the Full StoryI m assuming that a meeting between the Kardashians and their social media editing team involves them looking at a picture for ten minutes, taking out a red marker, circling their entire body, and saying, Airbrush all of this until it looks like a character from a Pixar movie about a sexy alien. Recently, Kourtney Kardashian suffered some kind of Kardashian-Jenner body image programming malfunction, because she posted a picture to Instagram with her stretch marks showing.

Kourtney has been on vacation with her family in Italy, and she s been posting pictures of herself in her bathing suit to the Instagram account for her pseudo-GOOP lifestyle brand, POOSH. In a picture that was posted yesterday, Kourtney was seen posing on the back of a boat, with visible stretch marks covering the top of her thigh.

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It seems like just yesterday that Kourtney was bending the laws of physics by Photoshopping her legs into another dimension. And now she s suddenly embracing what she s got? Bbefore you wonder if this is really a Kardashian and not a body-snatcher, please remember:

Her face is still obscured in a shadow, because I believe it s illegal for a Kardashian to show their un-Photoshopped face

The picture was posted to an account that doesn t have Kardashian in the user name

The picture was to promote a post about tummy-tightening tips

So she s still a Kardashian Jameela Jamil must be so conflicted right now . But People reports that the internet was generally very receptive to Kourtney telling the truth about her stretch marks. One user thanked Kourtney for not editing out her stretch marks, to which Kourtney replied I love my little stripes.

It will be interesting to see how Kourtney s stretch marks are received back at the Kompound. Maybe Kourtney s sisters will hold an intervention for her, with letters written about how they don t even know who she is anymore. Or maybe Kris Jenner will applaud Kourtney, because after all Kourtney found a way to get some attention. I just hope that if the rest of the girls get inspired by Kourtney s honesty, they ease into it gently. I wouldn t be surprised if they have all replaced the mirrors in their homes with heavily-filtered pictures of themselves, and reality might be just too much of a shock.

Pic: Wenn.com FayesVision