Lori Loughlin Tried To Talk To Felicity Huffman Before She Went To Prison

Get the Full StoryLori Loughlin is hilarious. She s currently awaiting trial for her alleged role in Operation Varsity Blues where rich people used illegal bribes to get their kids into prestigious universities. Lori allegedly used 500,000 to fake some rowing credentials for her daughters, Olivia Jade and Isabella Giannulli. Well listen, that wasn t the funniest part. She pled not guilty, where others in the case pled out, and then she got hit with more charges. But that s not what has me laughing today.

Felicity Huffman is now in prison until October 27, and Lori is super curious about it since she might also be going to prison albeit for longer than two weeks. Get this, Felicity Huffman is tanning and playing double-dutch with non-violent female criminals, and Lori tried to reach out before she started her sentence and plans to reach out after. Because didn t you know that Felicity Huffman going to prison has a lot to do with Lori Loughlin?

A source tells People that Lori has been glued to the media when it comes to Felicity getting sentenced to a slap on the wrist for her role in Operation Rich People s Kids Ain t Shit. This source who s close to Lori says:

She wanted to encourage her, and see how she was doing. She feels like their fates are tied together now, even though they weren t really friends before.

They aren t friends now. Sorry to break it to you, but Felicity Huffman once-revered actress who we all thought was better than this is not going to get her career back on track by befriending the indignant rich person she schemed with. I know Lori doesn t have one clue, but really.

But Lori doesn t give a shit. She hopes to talk to Felicity after prison so she can find out if it s anything like Orange Is The New Black:

She wants to debrief Felicity after jail to find out what it was like and what her advice would be. She feels like Felicity s time in jail will be an indicator on her own time, and she s extremely curious to know how it goes She s definitely hoping that Felicity s time in prison will go easy for her, because that will be a positive sign that, if Lori has to serve time, that she ll be able to weather it as well. Of course, it s still very important for her to be exonerated of all charges against her. She still maintains her innocence, and hopes it won t come to that. But if she does end up serving time in prison, she wants to know what she s getting into.

So Lori doesn t know the meaning of the word debrief apparently, because what she means is she wants Felicity to debrief her. Lori is the one who needs information for her own benefit; not sure how this source thought they could frame it like a friend reaching out to give guidance.

A rep for Lori says that the two did not connect before prison don t wait for Felicity s call and the source says that Lori still hopes she s found not guilty:

Their cases are very different. But Lori wants to know how Felicity is holding up. Ultimately, however, Lori believes that she will be found not guilty by the courts, and won t have to spend any time in jail. That s what she s counting on.

The delusion. This is not going to go down how Lori thinks it is. Also, she s wasting her time. Not only is Felicity too smart to talk to Lori Loughlin right now, but let s be real, they are two different people. Lynette Scavo will probably be fine, but Aunt Becky is going to break when she learns about the off-brand shampoo and Kanye West-provided footwear.

Pic: Wenn.com