Watching 'Little Women': We were four sisters. Now we are three.

Get the Full StoryWhen we first watched and rewatched and rewatched, ad infinitum Gillian Armstrong s Little Women as girls we were four sisters. Now, we are three.

After my sister died two years ago, I couldn't understand why the change to our number no longer four, but three distressed me almost as much as how much I missed her. Watching Greta Gerwig's 2019 adaptation, though, I started to realize why.

People always have the most incredulous reactions to hearing you re one of four sisters as if a house of three women was reasonable, but four or even five women including mother!? That s one too many, a preposterous amount of girlishness under the same roof and surely torture for our poor father. Read more...More about Grief, Greta Gerwig, Sisterhood, Little Women, and Entertainment