Watch a SpaceX rocket break apart in a test that clears the way to crewed missions

Get the Full StoryOn Jan. 19, SpaceX performed its final test before putting astronauts in its Crew Dragon capsule by intentionally aborting a Falcon 9 rocket launch shortly after liftoff.

A video of the In-Flight Abort Test, which was recorded live in conjunction with NASA at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, is below:

LIVE NOW: SpaceX s In-Flight Abort Test the final major test before Commercial_Crew astronauts fly aboard the #CrewDragon spacecraft and Falcon 9 rocket is targeted to lift off at 10:30am ET. Watch: https: vjbZFBIMHD

NASA NASA January 19, 2020

The video shows a successful Falcon 9 launch as it's aborted 84 seconds after launch, after which the flight computers triggered a sequence that detached the Dragon Crew capsule where the astronauts and cargo would sit from the rocket. Read more...More about Nasa, Spacex, Science, Big Tech Companies, and Space