Prince Harry And Meghan Markle s Sussexodus Has An Expiration Date

Get the Full StoryYesterday s historic announcement from Queen Elizabeth II proclaiming her grandson Prince Harry s and Meghan Markle s, official escape from royal life neglected to include a very important detail. She s only giving them a year! People reports that this is going to be a sort of trial run and they all gotta get together in a year at Buckingham Palace to see if it s working for everyone. Well, no one s calling for his royal beheading anymore for being an alleged Jeffrey Epstein-bestie and pedophile, so it s definitely working for the Queen s favorite church-going son Prince Andrew.

A royal source says that Harry and Meghan s exit, which will officially begin this spring, will be reviewed in a year.

However, the new changes which will take effect in Spring 2020, according to a statement from Buckingham Palace will last for a year, at which point the royal family will revisit the arrangement, the royal source explains.

As for who s likely going to be on that particular review board, it s probably going to be the same four people who met at Lizzie s Sandringham estate on Monday to hash this shit out: The queen, Prince Charles, and sons Prince Harry and Harry s estranged brother Prince William.

For right now, Harry and his probably delirious-with-joy wifey Meghan will continue to attend events at the invitation of the queen, until they re able to finally fly the royal coop and enjoy delicious Canadian bacon for a year.

In another interesting detail, remember when Meghan was supposed to Skype into this historic summit from Canada or whatever on Monday? It looks like either the Queen, Chuck or Disgruntled Brother Willie slapped the laptop closed on that. No former commoners, necessary, thank you.

Though it was previously reported that the Duchess of Sussex would join the meeting via phone from Canada, Buckingham Palace said in a statement that Meghan and Harry ultimately decided that it wasn t necessary for her to do so.

In the meantime, as the British press follow Harry and Meghan to the waterfront mansion in Vancouver they might be buying, Prince Andrew can continue to rejoice that the heat is off of him and his only worry now is if Mumsy will spring for an ADT sign for his yard now that he might not get a security detail anymore.