Open Post: Hosted By This Guy Running Over An Entire Roll Of Bubble Wrap With His Jeep

Get the Full StoryMashable brought us this dude in a Jeep running over an entire roll of bubble wrap. I know this probably doesn t qualify as an ASMR vid, but this has gotta spark the same sort of neuron massage feeling when you do something like this.

Here s the video:

This YouTuber is from Swansea, MA and merely captioned his vid me in a 2006 Jeep Wrangler, popping a long stretch of large bubble wrap. He filmed it on Jan 4.

I like the idea that he could have been inside watching trash TV, or studying for something, or making sure he was raising a child right. But instead, he put the maximum effort into buying a big roll of bubble wrap, unraveling it in his driveway, and positioning his Jeep just right so his tires would set it to poppin when he backed out. All of this took effort and perseverance and we salute you for that, my good, albeit silly, man.

Pic: YouTube