Virginia wants to prevent another 'Unite the Right' at an MLK Day gun rally that set off a state of emergency

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An annual gun-rights rally is expected to take place Monday morning in Richmond, Virginia, on MLK Day.

There are growing fears about the potential of violence at the event, causing Gov. Richard Northam to temporarily ban firearms from the State Capitol building and declare a state of emergency.

Both houses of the Virginia legislature were taken by Democrats in 2019, prompting new efforts in the state to enact stricter gun laws.

Three arrests have already been made ahead of the rally on Monday.

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An annual gun-rights rally is scheduled to occur Monday, though the lead up to the rally organized by a Virginia gun-rights group has already caused a stir. From arrests made by the FBI, to the groups that say they plan to attend the rally, here is what we know so far.The rally was organized by The Virginia Citizens Defense League, which puts on the rally every year as part of their annual lobbying day.

REUTERS Michael A. McCoy

The rally is organized yearly by The Virginia Citizens Defense League. The group says the event known as VCDL lobby day is its most important event of the year. The organizers say they will meet outside the Virginia State Capitol between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. Monday in order to go inside the building to lobby legislators.

The rally portion of the event will begin at 11:00 a.m., according to the VCDL.

While the rally occurs every year, there is particular interest in this year's rally could be more contentious because Democrats took control of both the Virginia House and Senate this year.

REUTERS Michael A. McCoy

Democrats are now in power in Virginia, which has some gun-rights advocates worried. The state has had a Democrat at the helm since 2014, with current Gov. Ralph Northam taking over from fellow Democrat Terry McAuliffe after Northam was elected in 2017.

Virginia Democrats took control of both houses in the state legislature the Senate and the House of Delegates following the November 2019 election. Democrats won 21 of 40 seats in the state Senate, taking control from Republicans. Democrats also won a 54-43 majority in the House of Delegates, also taking control from state Republicans, per The Washington Post.

Per The Post report, the 2019 election results mean Democrats have the power in the state for the first time in 26 years.

The Virginia state legislature has put forth gun-reform legislation that has worried gun-rights advocates.

REUTERS Michael A. McCoy

Three gun-control bills have recently passed the Virginia Senate, according to WTKR.

SB 35 would allow any locality to prohibit the carrying of firearms or ammunition during permitted events or any other events that would require a permit.

SB 69 would prohibit individuals who aren't firearms dealers from purchasing more than one handgun each month though there are exceptions made to the proposal, including to law enforcement officers, people who work for private security companies, individuals who have a concealed-carry handgun permit, and other special circumstances so long as an individual has based a background check by the Virginia State Police, WTKR reported.

SB 70 would require background checks for any firearm transfer. There are some exemptions to this bill, including one that allows trades between family members without a background check.

SB 35 and 69 passed the Senate along party lines, WTKR noted, while SB 70 had support from all state Democrats and two Republicans. The bills must now be considered by the House of Delegates before Northam could sign them into law.

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