Justin Bieber doesn't have much to say on his new album "Changes"

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Justin Bieber's fifth studio album, "Changes," was released on Friday.

We listened to the entire LP, and wrote down our first impressions of each song.

Overall, we agreed Bieber is "one of our generation's most impressive vocalists" but his newest album was ultimately a snooze fest.

The best track on the album is "Habitual" while the worst offender is the Lil Dicky-assisted "Running Over."

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When I hear the word "Changes" in connection with music, my mind immediately begins chanting "Ch-ch-changes" from the David Bowie and Butterfly Boucher hit featured on the "Shrek 2" soundtrack. Justin Bieber's new album "Changes," released Friday, is nowhere near as fun.

It's been five years since Bieber's opus "Purpose" was released, and if "Yummy" was any indication for how this new era would go, it looks like the only change he really made was that he got vastly more boring and has yet to prove he can pull off another "Sorry"-level hit which Insider named the 20th best song of the 2010s.

Reporter Callie Ahlgrim and I Courteney Larocca, associate editor kicked off the morning by listening to "Changes" for the very first time, keeping track of every thought that popped into our heads throughout the listening experience.

While we agree Bieber's vocals remain pristine, the album as a whole is boring with subpar lyrics.

Here is what Ahlgrim and I thought of each song on Bieber's album upon first listen.Album opener "All Around Me" is underwhelming.

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Larocca: It's fine, even kind of sweet. But there's nothing groundbreaking or inventive about this song. It's just a general love song about wanting Hailey Bieber n e Baldwin to be "all around" him.

He did admit that he previously thought he could "never be loyal," which makes me think about how Taylor Swift may have softly confirmed that Bieber cheated on Selena Gomez. Justice for Gomez.

It ends with a baby babbling, so it looks like he really wants a child with Hailey.

Ahlgrim: It doesn't bode well that I'm already bored. I kept waiting for something interesting to happen. If you're going to open your album with a warm slow jam, it needs to have some lyrical intrigue, some emotion to hold onto. This sounds profoundly phoned-in.

"Habitual" is easily the best track on the album.

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Larocca: I like the beat; I felt myself bopping my head a bit at my desk listening to this one. It definitely feels like it could've been on "Purpose." I could see myself listening to this again.

Ahlgrim: Twenty seconds in and I already like this one more. It's immediately reminiscent of the grainy, sparkly keyboard refrain in "Yummy," but I'm not mad about some continuity as long as the same effects and chords don't get overused and make the album sound too monotonous.

This song is still more mellow than I expected, but the beat is clean and works extremely well with his honeyed vocals.

"Come Around Me" is pretty good.

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Larocca: A foot-tapper. Bieber has a nice voice, but he unfortunately doesn't have that much to say.

Ahlgrim: I can vibe to this, even though the chorus is overly repetitive and "Let's get it in expeditiously" is an atrocious lyric. The post-chorus falsetto is just working for me.

I also dig the bridge on this one because it offers something different, even if it's just for a brief set of four lines. And the sort of spooky, high-pitched melody that runs through the song gives it a welcome edge. I'm also into the FaceTime sound in the outro, it makes the song cheeky and modern but not in a kitschy way.

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