Memes parodying Mike Bloomberg's paid Instagram meme campaign are flooding the internet

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Mike Bloomberg launched an Instagram meme campaign with some of the top meme accounts on the platform, through a new Meme 2020 company led by the chief executive of Jerry Media.

As top meme pages with a combined reach of more than 60 million post memes with the format of faux DMs with Bloomberg, smaller meme pages, personal accounts, and brands have made copycats.

These copycat Bloomberg memes still generate free exposure for the billionaire candidate and many of them are attempts to look like the real deal but a lot of them are jokes, and some are anti-Bloomberg.

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If you scroll through the "#sponsored" tag on Instagram, you'll see a lot of DMs from Mike Bloomberg.

The billionaire Democratic presidential candidate has strategically been appealing to micro-influencers, and the New York Times first reported that the Bloomberg campaign is working with Meme 2020, a new company led by the chief executive of Jerry Media, an Instagram meme powerhouse company founded by Elliot Tebele of " f---jerry."See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: This animation shows how far your sneeze can actually travelSee Also:NASA says that the viral 'Broom Challenge' is based on a hoax: 'Basic physics works every day of the year'Makeup YouTuber NikkieTutorials will be a host of this year's Eurovision Song Contest4 Fresno Airport employees were fired after they filmed a viral video goofing around with airport equipment at the end of their shift