Jane Fonda Wants You To Know That She Is DONE With Plastic Surgery

Get the Full StoryBeing an environmental warrior can be tough with getting arrested on an almost weekly basis, shuffling around outside in the cold, having to stand next to Joaquin Phoenix for more than 30 seconds, and so on. Imagine doing all of that in your 80s not many can brag about spending their 82nd birthday in the clink . AND still managing to be the star of a successful television show. No wonder living legend Jane Fonda is tired.

Maybe not tired in the literal sense I mean, I could wake up each morning and throw a handful of Boniva and Biotin into my mug of Sanka and still have nowhere near the energy as Jane . But tired of the bullshit. The bullshit of pretending that she is some totally infallible and ageless creature whose youthful beauty transcends time and logic which is, ironically, what I have written on my business cards .

In addition to all of the work above, Megyn Kelly s arch-nemesis is also making the rounds doing promo work as a spokesperson for L Oreal Paris Age Perfect. She spoke with Elle Canada about how she s done with plastic surgery:

I can t pretend that I m not vain, but there isn t going to be any more plastic surgery I m not going to cut myself up anymore I have to work every day to be self-accepting; it doesn t come easy to me.

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When you re young, you are thinking: Who am I supposed to know? What am I supposed to do? says #JaneFonda. And the climate crisis is always on her mind. There is so much uncertainty now. It is 100 times worse than when I was a young person. And for me, those were not the good old days at all. It was very fraught, she adds, raising her eyebrows to nod to that understatement. And yet, I m white and privileged, so for people of colour, gay people, physically challenged people, it is all so much harder. Read the full March issue cover story now on ELLECanada.com.

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The people who tend to really show up for me and whom I show up for are my women friends, says Fonda. Read the full interview with our March issue cover star now on ELLECanada.com. #ELLECanada #JaneFonda

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Jane has had breast implants which she later took out and said she s had several facelifts throughout the years. And ten years ago, she wrote in a post on her site about getting work done on her chin and neck, as well as getting the bags under her eyes removed. Jane said last year that she s not proud of the plastic surgery she s gotten and she loves Vanessa Redgrave s natural face and wishes she was that brave. We haven t heard a rumor about Vanessa slipping the DC cops a wad of cash to keep Jane in the clink for an extra day, so Vanessa probably didn t take that comment as shady.

Not only is Jane swearing off the plastic surgeon s scalpel for good, but she s also learning to promote herself as a flawed yet still gorgeous older woman warts and all!

I post pictures of me looking haggard and once with my tooth out! This is a fake tooth, she taps at an incisor. It came out in a restaurant in Portugal, and I posted it.

Jane Fonda looking haggard and me looking haggard usually hungover with Cheeto dust in my hair are two completely different things. Incidentally, if anybody in Portugal knows the whereabouts of Jane s original missing tooth, please email me. I can t offer much, but I can promise a good time.

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