The best affordable hotels in New York City

Get the Full StoryThere are hundreds of hotels in New York City for every type of traveler whether you seek luxury suites, design-forward boutique lodging, or are simply driven by price.

The latter is usually always a deciding factor in some regard, and hotel prices in New York can surge dramatically based on the season. However, traveling on a budget doesn't have to mean compromising on the quality.

We rounded up some of the best affordable hotels in New York City, based on properties we stayed at, toured, and personally vetted. They are all priced between 100 and 200 for standard entry-level rooms in low season. If you don't mind sacrificing on space, you'll save big on costs.

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When I travel, one of my favorite feelings is knowing I got a great deal and managed to stay somewhere special for a cheap price. It almost feels like harboring a secret.

And while I also firmly believe that you get what you pay for in life, some hotels really are just nicely-appointed and well-priced and accessible to the modern traveler so long as you're savvy in booking, i.e., reading our reviews and booking in advance to secure the best deal.

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The best overall hotels in New York City

The best boutique hotels in New York City

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In New York, hotel deals can be increasingly hard to find, especially in high seasons like fall. Typically, the cheapest hotels are run-of-the-mill, standard chain offerings where a room is just a place to rest your head, rather than a real gem.

Except for those on this list. Our best affordable hotels in New York City are located in central neighborhoods, rated three stars or higher, offer experiential amenities and interesting design, and nice rooms that make good use of a smaller space. They're also priced under 200 to start in low seasons like winter.

And to ensure you don't encounter a case of get-what-you-pay-for-blues, we stayed at, toured, and researched each hotel on this list and selected them based on the following criteria:

Three stars or higher hotels in New York City, with a focus on Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Holds a Trip Advisor rating of four or above, from a significant number of positive reviews, as many tourists check and use it.

It is typically priced between 100 and 200 for standard rooms in low season. Pro-tip: the lowest prices are typically found on Sundays and Mondays. Prices below are based on the time of publishing and are subject to change.

Met our high standard cheap price shouldn't mean cheap quality.

These are the best affordable hotels in New York City to book in 2020, sorted by price from low to high:Arlo SoHo

Jen Gushue Business Insider

Book Arlo SoHo starting at 104 per night

Arlo SoHo has made it cool to book tiny hotel rooms, popularizing the trend of micro hotels where quarters barely measure 150 square feet. Sure, the bathroom is nearly reachable from your pillow, but the cozy nook beds are actually places where you'll want to curl up and hit snooze. Cheapest options include bunk bed, queen, or king options, that range in price depending on the view, and the time of year.

Plus, what it lacks in size, Arlo makes up for with fun common spaces including four bars, an on-site restaurant, co-working space, rooftop lounge, and a seasonal courtyard. And, it starts at only 103 in slower months, which a great deal for typically expensive SoHo.

Pros: Cheap prices and cool SoHo location.

Cons: The room sizes can feel shockingly small and bathrooms lack privacy, so, prepare yourself.

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Ace Hotel New York

Jen Gushue

Book Ace Hotel New York starting at 113 per night

Ace Hotels have long established themselves as a cool and also affordable boutique offering, with outposts in cities like Portland, Palm Springs, Seattle and more. Rooms are minimal and small which keeps prices low with the focus on common spaces that invite guests to linger and mingle.

The New York location is equally hip with industrial-meets-masculine decor. The lobby is bustling with creative types who camp out with laptops, and on-site food, drink, and shopping are all top-notch. Single, small, or bunk bed rooms offer the cheapest rates. Never mind the smaller quarters, the real scene is happening outside the room anyway.

Pros: The hip Ace brand reputation delivers on cool factor with excellent on-site stores and eateries that may very well keep you on-property your whole stay.

Cons: Rooms are indeed small, especially bunk bed options, and some show wear and tear.

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Freehand New York

Connie Chen Business Insider

Book Freehand New York starting at 149 per night

The Freehand New York is a good pick for budget-conscious travelers who still want serious style, as well as convenience and personality. It also feels more in the know than the similar concept presented at Ace Hotels.

Art-filled accommodations are steeped in character and prices are especially reasonable if you select a bunk bed room or standard offering. Rooms still feel fairly new, too.

Pros: This hotel is hip and cool with excellent on-site food and drink.

Cons: Outside noise bleeds into rooms and may make sleep difficult if you're sensitive to it.

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