Netflix's 'All The Bright Places' loses what made the book great

Get the Full StoryWith an ambitious script, pitch-perfect soundtrack, and heartfelt performances, Netflix's All The Bright Places shows great attention to detail.

From the top of Hoosier Hill to the dark waters of the Blue Hole, Violet Markey and Theodore Finch's Indiana-set romance is faithful with every frame. Elle Fanning and Justice Smith are cast perfectly, and their intimate exchanges directed well. Pick a clip from any scene and it feels like the book a book loved by so many that its adaptation's release inspired countdown posts across social media this past week.

And yet, when viewed as a whole, Netflix's take on Jennifer Niven's YA novel lands like big-budget fan art. Yes, it captures the overall spirit of the coming-of-age story and recreates iconic moments with admirable affection. Read more...More about Netflix, Movie Review, Elle Fanning, All The Bright Places, and Justice Smith