Wanda Sykes Showed Scott Baio Who s Really In Charge

Get the Full StoryAs if our current political discourse wasn t ridiculous enough as it is, alleged tiny dick haver and Donald Trump superfan Scott Baio has entered the chat. Last week, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden got his gaffe on when his appearance on The Breakfast Club ended with him saying you ain t black if you vote for Trump . At the time, Wanda Sykes, comedian and former producer writer for the revival of Roseanne, defended Joe s remarks on Twitter, saying that it was a bad joke and at least he didn t say 2 go shoot Clorox in our tits. Scott, presumably still smarting from having recently injected Clorox in his tits, took offense. Scott thought he was back in charge of something and tried to let Wanda know what time it was. Lo and behold, he must have one of those sex watches like Drake has, because he was spot on! It absolutely was Wanda s Foot Up His Ass-O Clock.

Here s Wanda s original tweet about Joe. This eventually led to Scott, fresh off a successful stint of languishing in obscurity and hopefully getting on his knees nightly giving thanks to God for writing legal loopholes having to do with statutes of limitations which saved him from being prosecuted for allegedly molesting his Charles In Charge co-star Nicole Eggert, calling Wanda a hack liberal and comparing Joe s comments to Roseanne Barr s mistake.

Biden feels at home speaking to the Black community. He made a joke. Comedy ain t easy, but he didn t say 2 go shoot Clorox in our tits. Now, I wouldn t make a blanket statement to say that voting for Trump means you re not Black. I would say that it means you re not smart.

Wanda Sykes iamwandasykes May 22, 2020

And here s Scott reminding us how meaningless that blue check really is.

Hey iamwandasykes why is it okay for JoeBiden to say something clearly racist but therealroseanne gets kicked off of her own show that YOU are a writer on, for making a mistake? Is it because you're a full of shit, hack liberal?

Scott Baio ScottBaio May 23, 2020

Here s what happens when the big foot lands in the narrow ass on your sex watch which in Scott s case is probably just a Casio calculator watch in which he s typed the word boobs using numbers. It s all he can afford .

Oh! Hey Chachi. Apologies, I didn t see you. I ll keep it short. Joe Biden didn t say, Then you ain t an ape.

Well, let me get back to work I hope you enjoy whatever it is that you do. https: t.co vqHv7fmqgh

Wanda Sykes iamwandasykes May 27, 2020

Wanda s ape comment is, of course, referring to Roseanne saying that Obama s former advisor Valerie Jarrett is if the Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby. Back when all that was going down, Wanda announcing she was quitting Roseanne was immediately proceeded by ABC s announcement that the show had been canceled it s now known as The Conners . The mistake Scott refers to famously being that SHE THOUGHT THE BITCH WAS WHITE, which is the last funny line Roseanne Barr ever wrote.

Pic: Wenn.com