Afternoon Crumbs

Get the Full StoryHenry Cavill may stuff his muscles into Superman s leotard again but not for a Man of Steel movie. Henry may do a cameo as Superman in another DC movie. They could ve saved some money by using a stack of bricks and telling us that it s Henry as Superman and nobody would know. Okay, okay, a really hot stack of bricks Lainey Gossip

If there s ever a romaine lettuce shortage, we know to blame Laura Jeanne Poon! Celebitchy

The coronavirus quarantine has brought on may realizations. Some realize that the bread they try to make tastes like bland turds compared to the preservatives-filled goodness you can buy in the store aka my realization while others realize they like dick Towleroad

Rita Ora s twerking looks like two hedgehogs fighting under a satin blanket Egotastic!

Oh, I spent about fifteen seconds staring at Halsey s crotch wondering if that thing poking out of her bikini bottom was a tattoo or a sliver of her pube bush. me to my mom when she asks me what I did today Popoholic

Tom Brady is an 8-year-old bro-ey kid stuck in the body of a millionaire football player and his elegant Escalade confirms that HuffPo

Today s Good God Girl Get A Grip award goes to the Swifites for accusing Burger King of slut-shaming their lord and savior The Blemish

And today s visual Prozac is brought to you by a purple dragon toy reading a story to a bunch of PUPPEHS! SOW

Pic: Warner Bros.