Picking up a hobby for the new year? These Cyber Monday deals will get you started.

Get the Full Story2020 has been a year filled with... well, mostly dread, to be honest. But while this year has absolutely sucked, quarantine has provided an opportunity for some people to pick up new hobbies they never had time for before.

If you'd like to get into a new hobby but haven't selected one yet, we've hand-picked a bunch of sweet deals for those who want to start off the hopefully better new year by pursuing new goals.

From instruments to painting supplies and more, here are the best deals for those who need a new hobby as we head toward Cyber Monday.

1. Become a responsible plant parent

Having an entire plant nursery in your home isn't just nice for the aesthetic it's also nice to have something to take care of. Stock up during The Sill's Cyber Week sale and save up to 50 on some truly gorgeous greenery. Read more...More about Hobbies, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Mashable Shopping, and Culture