Open Post: Hosted By Anne Hathaway Asking Everyone To Stop Calling Her Anne

Get the Full StoryWhoever is in charge of setting the little gold letters on the Hollywood Walk of Fame stars should get to work making a teeny-tiny i, and marching all the way down to Anne Hathaway s star, because a correction must be made! If you can t cobble together a brass i, then a piece of paper with an i scribbled in Sharpie will likely do just fine. Because Anne Hathaway, the Anne Hathaway we have known for years as Anne-with-an-E doesn t actually feel comfortable with people call her Anne.

Anne I m sorry, girl appeared on The Tonight Show last night and invited Jimmy Fallon to call her Annie, instead of Anne. And it wasn t in a casual, relatable, I m just like you, Bobby De Niro way. Anne Annie explains that when she first started acting at 14, she needed to confirm her name for her SAG membership, and she went with Anne Hathaway because it s the name listed on her birth certificate. It s not like she s been living a lie, like Dick Whitman assuming the identity of Don Draper. She just says that everyone calls her Annie, everyone has always called her Annie, and that hearing Anne feels way too formal and impersonal. Or, it gives her the feeling she s found herself in deep shit. via HuffPo:

It never occurred to me that for the rest of my life, people will call me Anne. The only person who ever calls me Anne is my mother, and she only does it when she s really mad at me. Like, really mad. Every time I step out in public and someone calls my name, I think they re gonna yell at me.

She added that nobody feels comfortable calling her Anne, ever. And that on film sets, people will call her anything but Anne, like Annie, Miss H, or Hath.

The only downside to Anne being called Annie is that there s already one precociously earnest, theater-born, note-belting, aggressively optimistic wide-eyed dreamer named Annie, and unless the sun doesn t come out tomorrow for her, I don t think she s giving up dibs on her name.