The Onision documentary is overshadowed by its own controversy

Get the Full StoryA new documentary series investigating Onision, a YouTuber accused of abusive behavior and grooming by multiple women, brings the story to a wider, less online audience. But the series premiere was marred by criticism from the very YouTube community that brought the story to mainstream light.

Onision: In Real Life is a three-episode docuseries that premiered on Discovery's streaming platform discovery on Jan. 4. It looks into Gregory sometimes James Jackson, known online as Onision. The now 35-year-old began posting videos in 2007, garnering a largely teenage following with his shocking sketches, viral music videos, and inflammatory, misogynistic rants. YouTube has not banned him from the platform in spite of complaints from other users. Read more...More about Youtube, Onision, Deplatform, Culture, and Web Culture