Keep your Xbox Series X controllers juiced up with this dual charging dock

Get the Full StoryTL;DR: Keep you controllers charged and organized with the Xbox Series X Dual Charging Dock, on sale for 55 off. As of Jan. 14, get it for 26.99.

So, after a long, stressful waiting period, you finally got that Xbox Series X. Now what? Well, before you embark upon what s likely to be a neverending adventure into true 4K gaming, you ll need to find a place to store your console and controllers. And more importantly, you ll need to ensure your controllers are charged. This Xbox Series X Dual Charging Dock offers a solution to both.

Offering easy storage and built-in connectors, this dual output dock gives you a place to keep your controllers when not in use, as well as a way to ensure they re ready to play at all times. Just slide each controller onto one of the two ports any time you take a break from playing no additional cables or wires needed. The LED indicator will let you know when it s charging by lighting up red. When it s fully charged, it will turn blue, and you ll be able to enjoy up to 20 hours of gameplay before you need to charge up again or before your eyes start to bleed . Read more...More about Mashable Shopping, Xbox Controller, Xbox Series X, Tech, and Gaming