This Bizarre Product Cracked and Removed My Stubborn Gel Polish in Record Time

Get the Full StoryIt's 2021 - nobody has a whole hour to soak off gel nails in a bowl of remover or individually wrap fingers in foils with bitty little pieces of cotton balls. Don't even get me started on removing dip powder from home.

This universal lack of time of patience is what led me to Amazon one day in search of an easier, quicker way to take off the hardened layers of gel polish without leaving my house. I had already tried nail polish remover supposedly meant for gel nails - a bust - and pure acetone, which removed nothing except for layers of moisture from my poor finger tips. Amazon recommended a product called Aliver Magic Nail Polish Remover, a small blue bottle that looked like nail polish itself.

I honestly thought it would be one of the "magic" products that didn't actually work, but I'm so glad I was wrong. After a quick buffing session, the gel polish practically leapt off my nails beds. Take a look at the process to see for yourself.