This home security camera was a favorite at CES and it's on sale

Get the Full StoryTL;DR: The Ucam Private Home Security Camera keeps your data and footage secure, and it's on sale for 21 off. As of Feb. 23, get it for only 49.99.

A CES Innovation Awards Honoree in 2020, the Ucam is the first blockchain-powered home security camera with end-to-end encryption.

Rather than using a typical password to log into your account and access your footage, you ll use an impossible-to-crack secure blockchain login that s enforced by tamper-proof smart contracts, meaning only you can define who can view what content and for how long.

Video streams and clips are immediately encrypted by Ucam and can only be decrypted by an authorized device like your phone. And as an added bonus, all the content captured by Ucam is owned by you not IoTex, cloud providers, or corporations. Read more...More about Security Camera, Mashable Shopping, Cool Gadgets, Tech, and Consumer Tech