KitchenAid's dough-proofing convection oven is 60 off

Get the Full StorySave 60: The KitchenAid KCO255BM dual-convection countertop oven is seeing a more than 20 discount as of April 8, dropping it to just over 200.

All countertop ovens are not created equal.

Everyone knows what a toaster oven is good for: baking or reheating snacks with more crisp than the microwave offers. A countertop convection oven, however, is more than a toaster oven that preheats faster just because it's small. Convection ovens can tackle actual entrees and do so in 20 less time than the regular oven.

Speaking of 20 , KitchenAid's take on the convection oven one of our favorite ovens at the moment is currently 60 off at Amazon, dropping its price to 219.99. Read more...More about Kitchen, Mashable Shopping, Toaster Oven, Tech, and Food