Brian Cox Has Softened His Criticism Of Johnny Depp After Hearing From Johnny s Many, Many Fans

Get the Full StoryI guess you can talk all the shit you want about Steven Seagal and get away with it because, even though he s a martial arts master, he s hardly going to risk having to pay his back taxes just so he can come back to the USA and kick your ass. But salty dog Brian Cox found out the hard way that not everyone he came for in his memoir Putting The Rabbit in The Hat was going to be an easy target. In his book, Brian called Johnny Depp so overblown and so overrated, and according to Yahoo! News, that didn t sit well with Johnny s voracious Brian s word fans. And they let him know, loudly enough that he had to clarify that he meant no disrespect. Brian recently softened his stance to say Johnny s only sometimes overblown, but couldn t help throwing a little shade in there too adding I think it s great that he s got that loyalty. Loyal fans, the beautiful gowns of actors! How was he to know Johnny s got a posse who works 24 7 whereas Seagal s fan club happens to be busy at the moment trying to invade Ukraine.

Looks like Brian s going to have to return the thank you gift he got from Amber Heard now that he s walked some of his criticism back. Good thing he never opened it, it was probably a turd. She s such a cut-up! Yahoo! reports:

Have there been any grumblings from those he s, well, grumbled about? Nothing s come back to me yet, says Cox, whose book was first published in the U.K. in late October. He has, however, however heard from some of Depp s vociferous fans who balked at the Pirates of the Caribbean star being described as personable though I m sure he is, so overblown, so overrated emphasis his . Cox doesn t mind their objections I think it s great that he s got that loyalty but stresses that he s not out to disrespect his Hollywood peers.

What certain people accused me of was my lack of respect, and I really do not disrespect anybody involved in this profession because I know how difficult it is, he says. Now, I may have reservations about their talent, but I certainly don t disrespect them. And my reservations about Johnny Depp are minimal absolutely minimal. You know, I do think he s sometimes overblown, but I actually think he s also done some considerable work. Some of his work has really been extraordinarily good.

Brian didn t give any examples of what work of Johnny s he finds extraordinary, but it sure as hell isn t Edward Scissorhands because here s the full quote that s included in PTRITH.

Personable though I m sure he is, is so overblown, so overrated. I mean, Edward Scissorhands. Let s face it, if you come on with hands like that and pale, scarred-face make-up, you don t have to do anything. And he didn t. And subsequently, he s done even less.

So basically, everything he s done since 1990. I guess Brian is a huge Nightmare on Elm Street fan! Here s what Brian told Deadline about Johnny and his fans.

And, I ve had a lot of flak about disrespecting some and all that, and people clearly haven t read the book and they think I m having a go at Johnny Depp. Well, I m not having a go at Johnny Depp. I don t disrespect Johnny Depp. I think Johnny Depp has done some incredible work, but he s you know, I have my reservations.

Surely this full 180 will satisfy Johnny s fans. But it s kind of weird how he just trailed off there at the end and started talking about his dinner plans But as a wise man once said about being put in a vulnerable position by writing a chatty, catty memoir:

"Listen, I m too old, too tired and too talented for any of that shit." https: eTv03cHrnK

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