Night Crumbs

Get the Full StoryAfter hearing talk that a second season of the global megahit Squid Game was already in the works, Netflix has officially confirmed that it s happening and that the Squid Game universe has just begun. So expect a million more seasons, spin-offs, specials, and crossover events. I can t wait for the episode where they make the contestants watch 20 minutes of Emily In Paris. They ll tap out before screaming, Where s that creepy robot doll when we need her?! Celebitchy

Because everyone wanted more Tiger King stuff, here s the first look at Peacock s Joe vs. Carole, starring Kate McKinnon as Carole and giving us Kate McKinnon in a Saturday Night Live skit and John Cameron Mitchell as Joe giving us Machine Gun Kelly s country cousin Sawed-Off Shotgun Kelly Just Jared

Pete Davidson and Colin Jost bought a retired State Island Ferry boat and plan to turn it into an entertainment space that will be docked somewhere in the harbor. I hope they get good insurance because if Pete ever invites the Koven on that boat, it s going to sink from the weight of their narcissism Uproxx

While out for dinner in Aspen, Katy Perry served craft teacher at a pioneer-themed grade school Lainey Gossip

Tinashe s video for X I Can See The Future is an Aaliyah video wrapped in a TLC video and doused with a sprinkling of a Janet Jackson video OMG Blog

My sincere apologies to Hilary Duff for mistaking her for Kylie Jenner for a quick second Popoholic

Just 38 years after the first movie came out, A Christmas Story is getting a sequel starring Peter Billingsley as a grown Ralphie The Hollywood Reporter

Hmm, I think an entire onion cutting operation just moved into my house without me knowing because I m suddenly getting teary in the eye area and I m sure it has nothing to do with universal treasure Betty White thanking her fans in a bittersweet video recorded not long before she left us. Now, if you ll excuse me, I need to report this illegal onion cutting operation to the health department SOW

Pic: Netflix