Denis Villeneuve offers status update on Dune: Part Two

Get the Full Story2021 s Dune will probably go down as one of the best adaptations in the history of cinema, but rewatch the gorgeous-looking Denis Villeneuve film however much we may, it doesn t change the discouraging fact that we re still a long while away from its sequel, the so-called Dune: Part Two. Luckily, the director himself tends to keep his fans in the loop, meaning that we ll probably be getting regular updates as to how production is progressing at every step of the way.

If like us, your days are spent pondering how close the production team of Dune is going back to the desert world of Arrakis to film the second part of Frank Herbert s novel, then Denis Villeneuve has got you covered. The acclaimed filmmaker recently appeared on the Awards Chatter Podcast via THR and revealed that they re still in the early pre-production phase, so it ll definitely be some time before cameras roll again in Abu Dhabi, the filming location for Part One.