Josh Duggar And His Smug Face Have Been Sentenced To 151 Months In The Clink

Get the Full StoryWell, it looks like Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar s heave-inducing pleas for the judge to go easy on their pedophile son, Josh Duggar, fell harder than Michelle s hair in humidity or Jim Bob s failed Senate campaign . Because Mr. Potato Head s child-touching trash nephew was sentenced today to 12 and a half years in federal prison for possessing child sex abuse materials. If only cameras were allowed in the courtroom. My drug of choice today would be watching the smug fall off of Josh s face as he was sentenced. But then again, I m pretty sure the smug is permanently stuck to his mug.

At the end of 2021, the world got a little good news, FOR ONCE, when Josh Duggar was found guilty on two counts of receiving and possessing child pornography. This came after the feds raided Josh s car dealership in Arkansas and confiscated his work computer which needed to be drowned in holy water since it was filled with images of child sex abuse. One agent testified that the images were in the top five of the worst of the worst that I ve ever had to examine. This, sadly, was not surprising at all since, in 2015, Josh admitted to molesting several children including four of his sisters.

The prosecution in the case was pushing for Josh to be locked away for 20 years and his defense team wanted 5 years. People says that today at the Western District of Arkansas Federal Courthouse, U.S. District Judge Timothy L. Brooks hit Josh Duggar with a 151-month prison sentence. Josh will serve his sentence at either a prison in Seagoville, Texas or a prison in Texarkana, Arkansas. Whatever the case may be, I m sure inmates are going to play a little game of 19 Kicks and Counting on Josh. Once Josh gets out, he will have to be under the supervision of a parole officer for 20 years. And there s more, via People:

Duggar also must must participate in sex offender treatment and may not access or view pornography of any kind, including adult pornography

He is not allowed any computer or electronic devices capable of photographic storage or internet access without prior approval by his probation officer, and internet-monitoring software must be added to any devices he possesses.

The post-release stipulation also include random searches for Duggar, who is prohibited from obtaining a medical marijuana card allowed and must submit to periodic polygraph testing at his probation officer s discretion.

And Josh is not allowed around minors while unsupervised and that includes his children. Josh and his ride-or-die wife, Anna Duggar, have seven children, including four daughters, and their ages range from 7-months-old to 12-years-old. The other good news is that since Ole Pedo Josh is off to prison, he s not going to be able to procreate anytime soon. Because conjugal visits are not allowed in federal prison. But even if it was, Josh would never get approved, because every time an official looked at his application, they d see the word conjugal and the name Josh Duggar and barf all over it, ruining it forever.

Pic: Washington County, Arkansas Sheriff s Department