Night Crumbs

Get the Full StoryThose who never read the book that the HBO series, The Time Traveler s Wife, is based on, were shocked by the scene of pure fuckery where the lead character goes back in time, and blows himself, only to get caught by his dad. I don t know why some were so scandalized by this. We always see dudes blowing themselves on TV. Well, metaphorically anyway see: Kanye, Alec Baldwin, etc.. . Others think it s far-fetched that a dude would travel through time to blow himself. Oh yes, that would never happen nervously laughed all the dudes who have Googled stretches you can do to eventually self-suck - Pajiba

The guy behind Machine Gun Kelly s behind should really file for workers comp for the pain he suffered from being that close to MGK s bootleg Aaron Carter-looking naked ass while trying to do his job! OMG Blog

If you were about to call for a search party for Jana Kramer since it s been approximately ten seconds since she aired her latest relationship drama, don t worry, she aired her latest relationship drama and her ex had something to say about it Celebitchy

As expected, Kate Moss testified in the Johnny Depp Amber Heard landfill fire and shot down the rumor that he pushed her down the stairs once Jezebel

Sebastian Stan and Annabelle Wallis, two actors whose names I always have to Google to remember what I ve seen them in, GOT COZY at Robert Pattinson s birthday party Lainey Gossip

Ryan Seacrest just had to let us know that during the live American Idol finale, his stylist pulled him aside during a commercial break to tell him that his gnome bulge was too much for the family-friendly show and so they had to swap underwear since his stylist s underwear was tighter. Uh huh, but that poor stylist had to walk around for the rest of the night in Underoos with Ryan s face on them since I m sure that s what Ryan s chonies look like Queerty

Two things: 1. Dame Angela Lansbury has never been given a Tony for Lifetime Achievement in the Theater. 2. That will change this year. Playbill

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