Kevin Spacey Has Booked A Movie Gig Despite Still Facing Twelve Charges In The UK For Sex Crimes

Get the Full StorySlippery alleged slimeball, Kevin Spacey, recently beat a civil case in New York from Anthony Rapp, who sued Kevin for allegedly sexually assaulting him as a teenager. But Kevin s still facing charges in the UK for alleged incidents from 2005, 2008, and 2013; all of which he s pleaded not guilty to. And recently, British authorities hit Kevin with more sexual assault charges, bringing the grand total to twelve charges. And I guess at least some people believe he ll beat those charges as well because he s been cast in a new movie called Control about a rogue car that goes on a rampage. A movie about a self-driving car that kills people? So it s about a Tesla?

Kevin hasn t even had time to get to court for the seven new charges laid against him, but he has got himself a new paying gig. Granted, his face won t be on camera, but still. It s a British indie thriller, and it sounds pretty stupid. via Variety:

Written and directed by Gene Fallaize Superman Requiem , Control tells the story of a British government minister, Stella Simmons, who has embarked on a torrid affair with the Prime Minister. One night, as Simmons heads home in her self-driving car, she finds the vehicle remotely hijacked by someone who knows her secret and wants revenge. Soon, the car is taken on a rampage through the streets of London with Simmons trapped inside.

Simmons is played by Lauren Metcalfe Full Bodied while the Prime Minister will be played by Mark Hampton. Spacey plays the disembodied antagonist taking control of Simmons car. Shooting is set to take place early next year at Camberwell Studios and on location in London, while Spacey will wrap this week.

So Stella Simmons can t break the window and get out of the car? Okay, but the movie s director Gene Fallaize is very team Kevin and actually wrote with him in mind. So basically, Gene sees Kevin as an evil death machine. Saying his personal life aside about sexual assault allegations is trash, but Gene s got a movie to sell!

Fallaize says he grew up watching Spacey as a film fan and said while the controversy surrounding Spacey was a consideration, I wouldn t say it was a concern.

He s one of the greatest actors of our generation, Fallaize told Variety. His personal life aside it s something I can t comment on and have no knowledge of it s an opportunity to work with one of the acting greats.

I don t know much about this movie, but it s clear that it s already very far-fetched. I mean, most people would use all of their might to throw themselves through the windshield after five seconds of being trapped in a car with nothing but the voice of Kevin Spacey. Because the only trick who can stand the voice of Kevin Spacey for more than five seconds nowadays is Kevin Spacey and Kevin Spacey alone.

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