Taylor Swift s Newest Song You re Losing Me Is Probably About Her Split From Joe Alwyn

Get the Full StoryAs expected, the Garth Brooks of pop Taylor Swift released her 846th version of her seventh-month-old album Midnights okay, it was her fifth version and counting . Initially, it was sold EXCLUSIVELY in CD form at her Eras show in New Jersey last night. But she later released the version, The Late Night Edition, in digital format in her webstore. That edition features a new song called You re Losing Me, where she sings, I wouldn t marry me either A pathological people pleaser Who only wanted you to see her. So basically, everyone s thinking that Taylor and Joe Alwyn broke up after six years together because he didn t want to marry her. And to Swifties, those lyrics are a battle cry, and they re pulling out their weapons aka emojis as they get ready to ATTACK!

TayTay s PR team didn t sleep last night as they continued to bust out a damage control smoke show while she skips off hand-in-hand with her problematic piece Matty Healy. Not only did she release the fifth edition of her album, but she also burped up the video for her new version of her song Karma which features rapper Ice Spice. Just call it the Forget About My Boyfriend Laughing At Racist Shit Said About Ice Spice On A Podcast Remix. TayTay premiered the video at her show at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, last night, and Ice Spice later joined her onstage to do their remix live. Here s the video starring CGI and featuring TayTay and Ice Spice s signature bored while waiting for my number to be called at the DMV on a Monday afternoon energy. My favorite part of the video is at around the 2:27 mark when Ice Spice Cloud says facts in the same lazy tone as me answering a co-worker who asks, Did the client say to email or fax the invoice? back in the day.

As for You re Losing Me, it was co-written by Jack Antonoff and Aaron Dessner. It s been labeled as From The Vault, meaning it was written during her Midnights writing sessions but didn t make the final cut. But to me, it sounds like she quickly wrote it on a napkin after her PR team saw the backlash from her dating Matty Healy and said, Do something! The song starts with Taylor sorrowfully cooing about a dying relationship she keeps trying to save. via Genius:

Do I throw out everything we built or keep it?

I m getting tired even for a phoenix

Always risin from the ashes

Mendin all her gashes

You might just have dealt the final blow

Later in the song, she does not blame her lovah for not wanting to marry a pathological people pleaser like her.

How long could we be a sad song

Til we were too far gone to bring back to life?

I gave you all my best mes, my endless empathy

And all I did was bleed as I tried to be the bravest soldier

Fighting in only your army, frontlines, don t you ignore me

I m the best thing at this party You re losing me

And I wouldn t marry me either

A pathological people pleaser

Who only wanted you to see her

And I m fading, thinkin

Do something, babe, say something Say something

Lose something, babe, risk something You re losing me

Choose something, babe, I got nothing I got nothing

To believe, unless you re choosing me

Here are the lyrics:

you re losing me from the vault has lyrics that can cut glass pic.twitter.com hWKzuEluO1

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And here s the song, which will probably be pulled down any second now:

The comments on Joe Alwyn s Instagram have been disabled, so the Swifties can t rage at him there. So if you re remotely related to Joe Alwyn, you better make your Instagram private now. Because you better believe that some of the hardcore Swifties are spending their weekend studying his family tree and tracking down his relatives Instagrams. Joe s second cousin twice removed is about to get a surprise in their Instagram comments. I mean, the Swifties have to rage at someone!

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