I Got the Perfect Heatless Curls For Only 15

Get the Full StoryJust when I thought there were no more heatless hair hacks to test, TikTok proved me wrong. Introducing the latest viral heatless hair tool: the Clione Bun Bons Heatless Curling Set 15 . I used to use heatless curl hacks all the time, but for some reason, over the last year or so, they fell to the wayside in favor of my favorite hot tools.

I have long, fine hair, and I typically like to blow it out once or twice a week. I rely on the style to last me for at least a couple of days because I hate having to wash my hair too frequently. I know air-drying is much better for my hair health, but I don't do it too often unless I'm on vacation; I don't really love the way my hair looks when it dries naturally.

When I saw everyone and their mother testing out the Bun Bons set, I knew I needed to get my hands on it. When it arrived, I practically tore it out of the package immediately. Although it was a little hard to get the hang of at first, I've since mastered the tool.

Keep scrolling to read my full review of the Bun Bons Heatless Curling Set and find out how it worked for me.

About the Bun Bons Heatless Curling Set

This is a heatless curling set.

The set comes with three hair wraps, three bonnet caps, six hair clips, a spray bottle, and three hair ties.

The hair wraps and bonnet caps are made of satin.

The hair wraps have adjustable buttons to accommodate hair length and thickness.

The product comes in five different colors.

What I Like About the Bun Bons Heatless Curling Set

I'm a lazy girl through and through, and I love any product where I can set it and forget it. This one was a little tricky to master at first, but once I watched a few tutorials, I got the hang of it fairly easily.

I like this set better than the original viral heatless curler that featured a flexible rod that goes over your head - I find this one adds way more volume. Plus, the fact that each section is covered by its own bonnet means that my hair doesn't get super frizzy, and it's actually a lot smoother than I can even get it when using a blow dryer.

Although it does look a bit wild when I'm wearing it, the end results are completely worth it.

How to Use the Bun Bons Heatless Curling Set

The brand recommends starting with damp or dry hair and sectioning it based on how thick it is. If you have thicker hair or a lot of layers, you can divide it into three sections. If you have thin or shorter hair, divide it into two sections. Pin back the bottom layers and start with the top layer of hair. Pull the top section of hair completely forward so it's in front of your face as if you're about to put in a Velcro or hot roller. From there, take your first hair wrap and place it underneath the section of hair.

Next, start rolling the hair wrap toward your face until you reach the ends. Then, bend the curler so it forms a doughnut, and pin it in place using the buttons. If it sounds a little complicated, don't worry - I also thought so in the beginning. However, watching a video made it a lot easier to follow. Once you have your hair secured, pop a bonnet over each doughnut. Remove the bonnets in the morning or after a few hours, and then unclip each section of hair to reveal your heatless curls.

I like to follow the instructions exactly, and since I have thin hair, I only use two hair wraps and divide my hair into two sections. I like to start with damp hair that I prep with a small amount of mousse to ensure that the curl holds all day once I take my hair out.

Pro tip: My hair always looks a bit wild immediately after I take it out of the set, but I just make sure to shake it out and then brush it out with a paddle brush. I also add a little bit of hair oil to smooth everything down, and the end result is always fantastic.

What to Consider Before Trying the Bun Bons Heatless Curling Set

This set isn't the most comfortable to sleep on at night, so I like to use it after showering in the morning. I keep my hair up in these wraps while I'm working from my computer at home, and then once I'm done for the day, my hair is already styled and ready to go for the rest of the night. However, if you're looking for a product that you can sleep in overnight, I'd look into a few other tutorials on TikTok showing how you can wear these with space buns, which look a lot more comfortable to sleep in.

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