The 6 Best Towel Warmers That'll Elevate Your Shower Routine

Get the Full StoryWe know what you're thinking: are towel warmers just another unnecessary buy? But hear us out. Whether you're a morning or nighttime bather, nothing hits the spot once you step out of the shower or bath quite like a warmed towel; it's like wrapping yourself up in a cozy blanket. What was once reserved for professional spas and luxury hotels is now a brimming category fit for wellness advocates, and even those who aren't. After all, showering is something we all do, so why not make the routine feel a little more luxurious?

Just like heated floors for your feet, towel warmers ensure your body stays warm and cozy post-shower, adding a touch of comfort to your daily life. But as with most household items, browsing the best towel warmers can be overwhelming. There's a wide variety available, with features ranging from free-standing, hardwired, and portable, in addition to towel warmer racks, bucket-style, and large-capacity options.

There's also your unique space to consider: a towel warmer that takes up a lot of room may not work for small spaces, and, similarly, a towel warmer that doesn't have a spacious capacity may not be best for large households. In any case, if you're looking for some help shopping for the best towel warmers, we put together a list to make things a tad bit easier and a whole lot toastier.

Below, find six of the best towel warmers that'll spark joy for you, your family, and house guests alike.


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