Nintendo-themed Air Jordans are timeless perfection

Get the Full StoryIf you grew up glued to your Nintendo in the '80s, these pair of sneakers will speak to you.

The Jordan "NES" IV are custom-made by Freaker Sneaks, and include ton of delightfully thoughtful details.

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For instance, check out the D-pad and actual pressable! buttons at the heel of each shoe.

Image: FREAKER SNEAKERS SCREENSHOTThe tongues of the sneakers are also plastered with Super Mario and Duck Hunt labels.

Image: FREAKER SNEAKERS SCREENSHOTThough this isn't an official collab with Nintendo and Nike, these Nintendo Entertainment System NES inspired kicks will run you 1,250, because only 10 pairs are available. Read more...More about Gaming, Nintendo, Nostalgia, Shoes, and Sneakers