Blazers' CJ McCollum goes on tweetstorm suggesting players rank media members after NBA-wide outrage over player rankings

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As ESPN and Sports Illustrated both make their way through ranking NBA players, some players have not taken kindly to their rankings.

Carmelo Anthony and DeMar DeRozan, for example, both fired shots over their respective rankings on Tuesday.

The debate and outrage over some rankings led Portland Trailblazers guard C.J. McCollum to suggest doing the inverse: ranking media members.

Tweet Embed:https: mims statuses 907751903978692608We need to start ranking these weak ass journalist. With descriptions of their strengths, weaknesses and ability to make up "sources"Tweet Embed:https: mims statuses 907774622099062784I think it would be funny to rank journalist. Im sure some wouldn't care, but honestly I think a lot of players would enjoy it.'s David Aldridge asked McCollum why players get upset about subjective rankings and he explained:

Tweet Embed:https: mims statuses 907759850041380864It's doesn't change how I feed my family but it's the principle. I think if the roles were reversed you would understand. I laugh every yr https: CRm6sm6mwLTweet Embed:https: mims statuses 907760918926311424Idc bout my ranking lol. I'm speaking on behalf of many others who were grossly underrated. I went to lehigh, I'm not even spose to be here https: qtCvBJ6rNo

Other players found the idea amusing:

Tweet Embed:https: mims statuses 907752577617469440Ok I'll have one up before season!!! Since I'm a player and media I would know best!! https: kCfEAM0OP0Tweet Embed:https: mims statuses 907763610331496448But would be fun to rank yall....

The suggestion drew a wide range of responses, with some journalists believing the idea would be fun while others felt attacked. McCollum, who has a degree in journalism and has expressed interest in it off the court, argued that, just like players, some journalists have good and bad qualities.

Of course, players likely have much better things to do with their time than form a ranking of media members, but if such a list ever happens, it'll likely cause just as much controversy.NOW WATCH: How Conor McGregor makes and spends his millions