The Triple Threat: A brain, an athlete, and an artist – all in one vehicle

Get the Full StoryPaid Content ByINFINITIThe average American driver spends about 293 hours behind the wheel per year. In that span, you could travel across the continental United States seven timesIf you're going to spend the equivalent of 12 days per year in the driver's seat, you'll want a car that makes sure your experience is as enjoyable as humanly possible. Now there's a car that can deliver that experienceThe INFINITI QX50 Concept is a midsize premium crossover that offers a variety of features that give drivers the level of control and functionality they’ve always wanted. With advanced tech, design, and capability, you'll wonder how you ever spent those 12 days per year in any other vehicle. Read more...More about Supported, Cars, Automotive, Automobile Technology, and Tech