8 Amazing Things You Need to Know About the Gen Z Kid You're Raising

Get the Full StoryCongratulations, Gen Z parents! You already know what the rest of the world is learning: Gen Z kids and young adults are a whole new brand of cool.

Generational parameters are not rigidly uniform, so you may see some competing date ranges about who qualifies as a Gen Z.

Pew Research Center, which analyzes social trends, notes that millennials were born between 1981-1996, so let's say Gen Zs include everyone born after 1997. This means the oldest Gen Zs are 20.

Gen Zs are also called the "pivotal generation" because they are moving away from the norms that defined their predecessors. There are a vast and interesting group, but if you've got one of two of them, you already know that.

Here's why they are positioned to take our world by storm.