The healthiest things you can order at 15 of your favorite fast-food chains

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The INSIDER Summary:

INSIDER found the healthiest menu items at 15 of the biggest fast food and fast casual chains in America.

We ranked the menu items based on calories, fat, and sodium.

Burger King's veggie burger has 270 fewer calories than a Whopper.

The widespread availability of fast food is often pegged as a major factor to the obesity epidemic in America. But even if you're on a diet, you can still take advantage of the convenience and affordability of your favorite fast food chains without having a major cheat day.

INSIDER has rounded up the healthiest meals you can get at 15 of your favorite fast food chains, from McDonald's to Chipotle, based on calorie count, fat, and sodium content. We excluded side dishes and any menu item that couldn't stand on its own as a full meal. We also took into account protein content and how filling each menu item would be.

We found that overall, even if calorie counts and fat content were down, the healthier items often had sodium contents that were well above 1,000 mg. The American Heart Association recommends that an American adult consume no more than 1,500 mg of sodium daily.

Keep scrolling to plan your diet-friendly meal options at 15 indulgent fast food, fast casual, and delivery chains. McDonald's Hamburger with side salad

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If you purchase a McDonald's original hamburger with a side salad no dressing you'll only be out:

—265 calories

—8 grams of fat

—495 mg of sodium

Burger King Veggie burger

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If you opt for this meat-free vegan-friendly burger, you will be eating:

—390 calories

—15 grams of fat

—1060 mg of sodium

Taco Bell "Fresco-Style" crunchy beef taco with side of black beans

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Taco Bell's "fresco-style" tacos are topped with pico de gallo instead of cheese, guacamole, and sour cream, and the beef version of these tacos is healthier than the shredded chicken variety. Add a side of black beans to make this a meal and you'll be down:

—220 calories

—8.5 grams of fat

—500 mg of sodium

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