Justin Trudeau Wished Everyone "Diwali Mubarak" And People Got Salty

Get the Full StoryThat’s not how you say that.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got in the Diwali spirit on Monday, donning a black sherwani to take part in festivities in Ottawa. But people aren't happy with his tweet about it.

In the tweet, Trudeau wished everyone "Diwali Mubarak" — which, as many people have pointed out, is not how you say that.

There are dozens of languages spoken by Hindus and a lot of ways to wish someone a happy Diwali. "Mubarak" is an Arabic word that basically translates to "blessed." You'd use it, for example, to wish someone Eid Mubarak.

So while the word is used to wish people a happy holiday, it's just not used for Diwali.

Twitter: JustinTrudeau

Google's cache shows that he also said "Diwali Mubarak" on Facebook.


Though it was later edited out.