I Can't Get Over How Cute Jenna Fischer Is Freaking Out That Her Bowl Was On "Will And Grace"

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Any fan of The Office will tell you that Jenna Fischer is ADORABLE, with many examples to prove it.

As a matter of fact, Jenna did something pretty cute just earlier today.

Instagram: msjennafischer

Eric McCormack, who plays Will on the show, saw Jenna's tweet and the two had an adorable exchange.

But, the most important takeaway is that I have the same taste in TV as Pam Halpert!

Twitter: EricMcCormack

FWIW, the bowl, which is part of a 6-piece set, can be found at Crate and Barrel for 3.99

It's available in six different colors.


Oh, and in case you were wondering what she meant by "sharing a dog with Rihanna", this week, Jenna worked with Lucy, the dog featured in the "Bitch Better Have My Money" music video.

She captioned one photo on Instagram, "Yesterday I worked with Lucy from gooddoganimals who has also been in a Rihanna video. So I'm one degree of separation from Rihanna which means we are basically best friends."


First, Rihanna and now, Will and Grace? She's had quite the week!