Thailand's Prime Minister Used A Cardboard Cut-Out Of Himself To Avoid Questions From Journalists

Get the Full StoryThailand's prime minister, retired general Prayuth Chan-ocha, pictured here on the far left next to Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev, has held power in the country since a military coup in 2014.

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The country is set to hold its first democratic election since the coup in November, but there are doubts that the military in Thailand will relinquish power, and the junta has been cracking down on political dissent, including on the media.At an event to reportedly promote Children's Day in Thailand, the prime minister took the extraordinary step of having an aide wheel out a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Prayuth to stand in and answer the questions of reporters.

A literal two-dimensional politician.

"If anyone wants to ask any questions on politics or conflicts, ask this guy," Prayuth said.

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And then, he was gone.

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Journalists were said to be a little confused, but some people took the opportunity to have a photo with the cardboard PM.


AP reports it isn't the first time Prayuth has taken an unusual approach to dealing with the media, claiming he had "fondled the ear of a sound technician", thrown a banana peel at a camera man, and threatened jokingly to execute any journalist critical of his government.