19 Pictures That Will Give Anyone Who Had A Blackberry Intense Flashbacks

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Exchanging BBM pins with everyone you know that had a Blackberry.

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Making sure your crush knows your pin so they'd add you:

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BBM tragedy striking:

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Competing with your friends for most contacts.

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Basically literally living, breathing, and dying for BBM.

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And Word Mole.


Jelly cases.

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Pinging someone when they didn't respond after 3 minutes:

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Being able to borrow someone's battery if yours died. But just for like a minuteee to tell someone your phone died.

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This emoji:

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The original red exclamation point:

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Feeling special AF on your birthday:

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Using Ubersocial.

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Waiting for the red light to blink. Also having phantom vibrations go off and checking your phone but NOTHING IS THERE.

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The feeling of that little spinny ball under your thumb:


Changing your settings so you had a cool font:

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Seeing Rev Run in a bath with his blackberry, and knowing you were on the right side of history.

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And finally, feeling like it was the end of an era when you put your Blackberry to rest and got an iPhone.


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